Have You Seen Those Dark Cosmetic Bottles On The Shelf?

Have You Seen Those Dark Cosmetic Bottles On The Shelf

The cosmetics industry has evolved over the years. The composition of many of its products has changed over time. However, now it’s the cosmetic bottles that are changing. Have you noticed them? They appear to be black but are actually violet. It’s called violet glass. It seems incredible but the cosmetic industry has made a big leap by simply changing the material they use to make their cosmetic bottles. Violet glass offers special protection. It prevents creams or balms from losing their effectiveness over time. Have you noticed how some creams change color after a few days? Violet glass protects your creams from this type of chemical deterioration.

Not only cosmetics benefit

Many companies are starting to use violet glass. This is because it is able to keep products such as tea leaves in perfect condition for many days. In fact, you can get these cosmetic bottles made with violet glass completely empty. This way you can use them as you wish. Let’s talk about coffee. There is nothing more delicious than getting up in the morning and having a cup of good coffee. The best coffees are obtained from freshly ground beans. Have you noticed that coffee packaging is usually made of aluminum? This is done with the intention of preventing light from damaging the coffee. You can buy empty cosmetic bottles and fill them with freshly ground coffee. I guarantee that every morning you will have a coffee with the aroma and flavor of freshly ground coffee beans.

How does violet glass achieve this?

Cosmetic bottles made with violet glass act as a shield between the product inside and the light from the outside. Light is made up of several rays. It is the visible light beam that alters the molecular composition of the substances. Hence the warning you have seen on some products that they should be kept out of direct light exposure. The secret of cosmetic bottles made with violet glass is that they allow ultraviolet, violet and infrared rays to pass through. These rays help to maintain the consistency of creams or balms for a longer period of time. Remember the cream that changes color as the days go by? That won’t happen with violet glass. Much better. You will notice that it maintains its effectiveness, composition, color and fragrance over time.

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