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15. The foamable composition of declare 1, whereby the carrier further contains a gelling agent at a concentration of less than 1% by weight of the provider.

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Beauty,sally beauty,ulta beauty,beautiful boy,beauty supply,beautifulThe invention pertains to an alcohol-free beauty or pharmaceutical foam composition comprising water, a hydrophobic solvent, a surface-active agent, a gelling agent, an active component selected from the group of urea, hydroxy acid and a therapeutic enhancer and a propellant. The penetration of the active agent is enhanced due to the urea current within the foam composition. In a further class of foam adjuvants, the carbon chain of the fatty acid is substituted with a hydroxyl group, such as 12-hydroxy stearic acid. 25. The foamable composition of declare 24, wherein the service further contains a therapeutically effective amount of at the very least one energetic agent.

5. The foamable composition of claim 1, whereby the surface-lively agent is a mixture of the non-ionic floor-active agent and the ionic floor-active agent. Campos, et al., Ascorbic Acid and Its Derivatives in Beauty Formulations”, Cosmetics and Toiletries, a hundred and fifteen(6):59-62 (2000)—Abstract, 1 web page.

The addition of an oil having refatting, protecting and moisture-retaining properties in a spreadable foam kind can substitute for currently obtainable dermatological and beauty lotions, lotions, gels, and so forth. 4. The foamable composition of claim 1, wherein the liquefied or compressed gasoline propellant is at a concentration of about 3% to about 18% by weight of the provider.

6. The foamable composition of declare 5, wherein the ratio of the non-ionic floor-lively agent to the ionic floor-energetic agent is between 1:1to 20:1. It has been observed, nevertheless, that foam compositions together with amphiphilic copolymers as gelling agents are surprisingly steady.

No. 6,423,323 describes a foam pores and skin cream, which optionally accommodates urea and lactic acid. The foam provider additional includes lively agents and excipients providing beneficial therapeutic properties. Moreover, foam compositions, with or with out further active elements, are appropriate for the application as cosmeceutical” preparations.

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I’m reluctant to submit or contribute to articles with the knowledge that they have to, or will be made to, conform to rules which encourage the reader to believe one thing that was not true at the time (that the prefix ‘HMS’ was used) and isn’t true now (that its usual to seek advice from a selected ship as ‘HMS Someship’). 6. The foamable composition of declare 5, wherein the ratio of the non-ionic surface-active agent to the ionic surface-active agent is between 1:1to 20:1.


The scientific forum is the platform for the non-public trade of data with specialists from the fields of dermocosmetics, dermatology and surgical procedure. When used, the composition incorporates from about 0.1% to about 10%, or from about 0.2% to about 5% of a skin-lightening agent.

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