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Urea additional possesses skin exfoliating properties, that are useful within the control of passage of energetic agents by way of the dermal barrier.

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Beauty,sally beauty,ulta beauty,beautiful boy,beauty supply,beautifulThe invention relates to an alcohol-free beauty or pharmaceutical foam composition comprising water, a hydrophobic solvent, a floor-lively agent, a gelling agent, an lively component selected from the group of urea, hydroxy acid and a therapeutic enhancer and a propellant. The hydrophobic solvent present in the foam composition helps retain the insecticide on the treated area for an extended time frame. The foam composition or provider consists of water, hydrophobic solvents, surfactant, gelling agent and propellant, thereby creating a stable emulsion having an acceptable shelf-life of no less than one year, or not less than two years at ambient temperature.

Shrestha et al., Forming properties of monoglycerol fatty acid esters in nonpolar oil methods, Langmuir, 2006, 22: 8337-8345. 16. The foamable composition of claim 15, whereby the gelling agent is a carbomer, a hypromellose, or mixtures thereof. Such brokers, in addition to different agents known in the art, may be included within the foam composition.

Tsai, et al., Influence of Application Time and Formulation Reapplication on the Delivery of Minoxidil via Hairless Mouse Skin as Measured in Franz Diffusion Cells”, Pores and skin Pharmacol., 7:270-277 (1994). In response to a number of embodiments, a hydroxy acid is included in the foam composition as an lively element.

The froth composition is especially appropriate for the uniform delivery of a tanning energetic agent onto large areas of the skin. In line with one or more embodiments, urea is included within the foam composition as an energetic element. Exemplary foamable compositions are particularly helpful and useful in the prevention and treatment of secondary infections, accompanying skin-construction injury, comparable to in cuts, wounds, burns and ulcers.

The pharmaceutical carrier in accordance with the current invention may also be used to organize cosmetics for beauty purpose by including into skin care brokers and perfume. The composition could include active brokers for the treatment of psoriasis. 24. The foamable composition of claim 1, additional comprising a gelling agent.

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In response to one or more embodiments, a therapeutic enhancer is included in the foam composition as an energetic component. 7. The foamable composition of claim 1, whereby the surface-energetic agent is a non-ionic surface-active agent. 11. The foamable composition of claim 1, whereby the provider additional comprises about 2% to about 30% by weight of the provider of a therapeutic enhancer.


Foamable compositions containing retinoids because the energetic drug can be utilized for the treatment of zits, seborrhea, numerous dermatoses, irritation of the skin, mucosal membranes, vagina and the rectum, psoriasis, actinic keratosis and skin cancers, by application onto the affected space.

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