Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Is This How Millennials Will Look In 2064?

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Is This How Millennials Will Look In 2064?

Meet the millennial grandparents – complete with faded tattoos, lip fillers and an ageing gym bod. Nicknamed Phoebe and Chandler, the pair of 3D models provide a tongue-in-cheek, unsettling gaze into the future and answer the question no one is asking; what does an ageing millennial look like. 

The two models, who were named in reference to the iconic TV show Friends that shaped the late 90s,  come from online clothing brandChumsand have been designed to showcase an exaggerated version of what the future grandparent may look like

The fashion brand, who specialises in clothing for older shoppers, decided to focus on millennials and their trends as the oldest among that generation are now in their 40s and so are potentially coming to terms with the reality of ageing. 

One of the most notable elements for both Phoebe and Chandler is how different parts of the body have been augmented, with lip fillers and the so-called ‘BBL’ (Brazilian Bum Lift) being featured in the models. Phoebe’s body in particular has the exaggerated bottom-heavy figure that has been popularised in recent years by celebrities such as Kim Kardashian. 

However, where Phoebe has been designed to reflect the millennial gym culture body, Chandler’s physique shows off the impact of a lifetime working at a desk over screens; with a hump reminiscent of Emma – the future office worker. 

Tattoos and tech feature heavily across both models, which is probably to be expected as the modern-day millennial is rarely seen without either and according to renowned futurologist, Dr Ian Pearson this is unlikely to change anytime soon. 

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Is This How Millennials Will Look In 2064?

He believes that technology will become increasingly more prevalent within the next few decades and will soon be integrated into every aspect of our lives. And as the first generation to truly embrace technology, millennials are likely to continue to embrace and adopt new technology even later into their lives.

Speaking to Chums about whether different generations hold onto their more expressive characteristics as they age or whether they grow out of them, Dr Pearson said: “I think it depends on individual personalities. So, you know, maybe for a lot of people it’s something you do when you’re young, then you grow up, well, I’m still waiting to grow up and I’m 61. When’s itgonna happen? It sounds a bit late. I still feel the same as it did when I was 25. My father says the same. And he’s 91.”

So, it sounds like millennials can expect to be rocking brightly coloured hair and piercings even in the nursing home. 

Another millennial trend you can expect to see in the future grandparent include the perfect Hollywood smile, with data from the Oral Health Foundation, millennials are forking out £750 a year on dental care – more than any other generation.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall, Is This How Millennials Will Look In 2064?

Chums also believe that millennials will continue to blur the lines between gendered clothing and beauty standards with Chandler featuring not only a crop top but also subtle hints of makeup. Already we’re beginning to see the launch of makeup specially designed for men and YouTube currently features a surprisingly high number of makeup tutorial videos created specifically for a male audience.

With the oldest millennials expected to reach pension age around 2050, we don’t have too long to wait in order to see whether Phoebe and Chandler are an accurate representation of what the future holds for this generation.

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