What is an E-Bike, Exactly?

What is an E-Bike, Exactly?

Mountain biking is extremely fun but let’s face it, it can be tough. It is physically demanding to ride a bike over rough mountain terrain, but the thrill of bombing down steep hills on the other side certainly gets the adrenaline pumping. If mountain biking is something that has always interested you, then you may be keen to learn more about e-mountain bikes. Are they easier to ride than the conventional versions? 

What are E-Mountain Bikes? 

You would be forgiven for thinking that an e-mountain bike (electric-mountain bike), is a battery-powered bike that eliminates the need for any pedaling on your behalf, but this is not exactly the case. The good folk at Woom say that e-bikes are actually more accurately known as electric-assist bikes. They do not pedal for you, but rather they assist the pedaling that you are doing. Soonce you stop pedaling, the motor stops assisting you. 

How do E-Mountain Bikes Work? 

An e-mountain bike has a motor under the frame that is powered by a lithium-ion battery. The motor works when you are pedaling by adding power, but without pedaling for you. Those who ride these bikes often say that it feels as though their legs have been supercharged. As there is no throttle, the motor does not work unless the rider is pedaling. 

It is worth noting too, that e-mountain bikes only provide assistance up to 20mph. The reason for this is that if they were to provide more support, then they would not be classed as a motorcycle. If you cycle any faster than this, the motor will not provide additional support. 

Do You have to Charge the Battery? 

The lithium-ion battery needs to be charged.How far you will get on one charge will usually depend on a variety of factors including the weight of the rider, the size of the battery, the terrain being traversed,and how efficient the motor is. A larger battery will obviously maintain a charge longer than a smaller one, but how quickly a battery charge runs out is usually determined by how hard the motor is working. A lighter rider will typically get longer from a charge than a heavier one, and someone riding on a flat surface will get longer than someone riding on an inclined surface. 

Benefits of Using an E-Bike? 

When compared with a motorbike or car, an e-bike is definitely more environmentally friendly.Because of this then,it is becoming a popular choice for those hoping to reduce their carbon footprint. With zero-carbon emissions, you can rest in the knowledge that you are helping to stop air pollution associated with gas- and diesel-powered vehicles. As well as this though, there are many other reasons for riding an e-bike. 

A bike will help to improve your mental and physical fitness and can be the best way to avoid the morning and evening rush-hour traffic. However, many people avoid taking a bike to work for examplebecause they do not want to arrive all hot and sweaty. With an e-bike, pedaling is much easier, meaning you don’t have to work so hard. 

E-bikes are faster than traditional bikes because of the motor, so you are likely to get to your destination much quicker than you normally would but with far less effort. And because they come with an adjustable power switch, you can control the amount of boost that you get from the motor. So, if you want to challenge yourself, you can switch the power to low, but if you want some extra help, then simply turn the power to the highest setting.

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